Puerta del Sol

 Puerta del Sol, one of the places that best reflects the enthusiasm of Madrid, is one of the two most important squares of the city. With the influence of Spanish habits, this is a very lively square 24/7, but especially after the sun goes down, this is a square where life accelerates. Puerta del Sol is a square with warm energy with its general design. The voices of street performers and cheerful people are rising from everywhere. It is also famous as the meeting point of Madrid people. As I mentioned, Puerta del Sol is a very dynamic square; surrounded by cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can find many shops and shops in the square. So, what are the most important structures in Puerta del Sol, which means the gate of the sun? If you have noticed the official coat of arms of Madrid, you must have seen the bear figure trying to eat fruit from a tree. This figure is “The Bear and the Arbutus Tree”. It depicts a bear happily eating fruit from a t